About Us

Our goal here at Dix Auto is to provide YOU, the customer, with the best service and parts available. We also strive to keep our business environmental friendly for our community.
In the Early 1930’s Dix Automotive was opened, we choose the year 1937 because we found an image, the one to your left with that date on the back. Almost 80 years later Dix Auto Parts is still owned by the founding family in what is truly an American story. The original founder came from to this country with only 25cts in his pocket, which grew to be the second largest purchaser of recent model vehicles in Michigan.
In June of 2008 a devastating fire rampage through our building, nearly destroying it all. After only 2 days, we were up and running from a small building across the street. We as a company use that determination as our motivation to bring you the best service and parts available.
Come in and visit a real Lincoln Park Landmark!